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Derry Cycle is years ahead of the other guys. Everybody who "works" here (I put works in quotation marks because having this much fun is tough to call work) loves riding, whether it be sport biking, touring/cruising, ATVing, or dirtbikes. We are also one of the very few, if not the only, shop in the area that does not have a commission based sales staff. This mindset allows us to concentrate on helping YOU instead of helping ourselves. The way we figure it if anyone deserves a sales commission, it's the motorcycle. Because we only stock the good ones, and the good ones sell themselves. Most people want a quality product at a good value, so that's what we offer.

We're current on trends, knowledgeable about new and older models, more experienced than almost everybody, and the most honest shop you'll find in New England. If we don't like a model the manufacturer produces, we don't cross our fingers behind our back and tell you it's great, (unlike some) we'll tell you the truth and offer you a better alternative whether it be another model, another brand, or even a pre-owned machine from a brand we don't sell new.

We actively acquire nearly all of our pre-owned bikes. 95% of our used inventory are machines we sought out and found, then conclusively inspected, smartly bargained for, and serviced from tire to tire. When you get a used motorcycle here, there's 100% no doubt it's a solid bike. We don't have a motto, mostly because we think mottos are just B.S. lip service to potential customers. But if we did, it would be "Only good stuff here, No Junk allowed."

We probably joke around too much, spend too much time messing around, and none of us attended finishing school. But most importantly, we'll give you straight answers and honest opinions all the time, every time. We want customers who appreciate that we'll go the extra mile to help them when they need it and want to be a part of the shop atmosphere. We do our best to make it a fun, relaxed, zero pressure environment for the public to look at (and hopefully buy of course) motorcycles and motorcycle accessories. Drop in and check out the shop, feel free to ask as many questions as you like, check out as many bikes as you want, and have a good time. We know that you can live your whole life without needing ANYTHING we have here. This shop is all about cool toys and having a good time, we recognize that and do our best to show you a good time too!

Are we different? Yeah.

Is it better, Hell Yeah!

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